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How can I get involved?

Become a member

Our Residents Scrutiny Panel

Our Residents Scrutiny Panel

Anyone can become a member of Fife Housing Group (FHG). You need to be aged 16 and over if you are a tenant and over 18 if you are not a tenant. All you need to do is purchase a £1 share in Fife Housing Group. Your application needs to be agreed by our Board of Management.

Membership entitles you to attend membership events and our Annual General Meeting. It is also a useful first step to becoming a Board Member or member of other groups such as our Tenants Scrutiny Panel.


It is very important that we get regular feedback on our services and consult tenants on decisions which will directly affect them.

We carry out a large number of surveys and consultation exercises each year. These range from asking tenants their views on a recent repair to our annual rent consultation and Customer Satisfaction Survey.

It is very important that tenants take part in these consultation exercises. They identify and allow us to address the areas where we need to improve.

Form a tenants’ group

Forming a tenants group is often the best way of making your voices heard. We are keen for more tenants to come together and form groups. A tenants group will entitle  you to:

  • Formal recognition
  • Consultation on matters affecting your area
  • Access to support from Fife Housing Group
  • Eligible for grant support if you become affiliated to a wider tenants’ group.

To join, call our office.

You will need:

  • A written constitution which includes a list of your rules and regulations
  • An elected committee
  • A defined area of operation
  • Open membership