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Alterations and improvements

Alterations and improvements to your home


You may wish to carry out alterations and improvements to your home such as fitting an electric shower, putting in a new fireplace or installing a satellite dish or TV aerial. In such cases it is important that you get our permission in writing before carrying out the work.

While we usually grant permission for such home improvements, we need to make sure that the work is not likely to make your property dangerous and  does not involve any major alterations such as to floors or ceilings.

There is some work which we will not give permission for. You may also be charged for removing the work or replacing items after you leave your home:

  • Artex or textured coating on walls which is difficult for us to remove
  • Painting the casing of gas fires. In such cases we will replace the gas fire and charge you for it
  • Laminate flooring in upper floor flats. We will also not be responsible for the cost of any damage to floor coverings stuck to the floor if we need to remove them to carry out repairs or improvements.

Right to compensation for improvements

We may compensate you for some of the home improvements you have carried out to your home when you end your tenancy. This applies to tenants on a Scottish Secure Tenancy and is set out in the Scottish Secure Tenants (Compensation for Improvements) Regulations 2002. It only applies to improvements made after 30 September 2002.

To qualify for compensation these must:

  • Have been approved by us and on our list of approved improvements
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Meet the required standards for safety and workmanship
  • Not affect our ability to let the home to other tenants.

To claim compensation you must write to us during the period 28 days before your tenancy is due to end and 21 days after it has ended. You should include full details of the improvement, the cost (excluding appliances and your own labour and the date the improvements started and finished.

When will I not qualify for compensation?

  • The improvements cost less than £100
  • You have bought your home under the Right to Buy
  • The qualifying person has been granted a new tenancy, whether alone or jointly, of the same property by the same landlord
  • If an order for recovery or possession has been made.

If you are unhappy with the amount we are offering you for compensation you can ask us to reconsider the decision within 28 days. This decision will be reviewed by an independent valuer or surveyor appointed by us,  or our  Technical Services Director, Chief Executive or Board of Management, if they were not involved in the original decision

Will I have to return my home to its original condition if I move out?

Before you leave your home we will inspect it to make sure you have not caused any damage or carried out unauthorised repairs. If an alteration or improvement fails to meet our standards, you will be asked to reinstate your home to its previous condition. If we need to carry out the reinstatement work, you will be charged the full cost. Approval for tenants’ alterations and improvements is at the sole discretion of Fife Housing Group.