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Our planned maintenance programme

Our maintenance and repairs programme

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Cyclical maintenance

This is the work we carry out from time to time to prevent your home from deteriorating. This can range from the annual cleaning of gutters to regular repainting of closes and window frames.

By law, we must also make sure that any gas systems in your house are checked every year. As a tenant, you must make sure that you allow us access to your home so that these important checks can be carried out. Our contractor will contact you to arrange the service. If you fail to arrange an appointment we may be forced to gain access to your home to carry the service out. Not only is failure to allow access a breach of your tenancy agreement, you will also be charged for the cost of any repairs caused by the forced entry.

Planned maintenance

As well as our day-to-day or reactive repairs, we also invest more than £2 million each year in a planned programme of regular maintenance and major improvements. This helps to keep your home wind and watertight and in  a condition which meets the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS).

The repairs and maintenance programme is based on a survey of the condition of our properties, your views on what priorities should be and what needs to be done to meet energy efficiency and other requirements.

Examples of planned maintenance and major improvements include replacement of kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, windows and central heating and rewiring .

You will be advised by letter, through the tenant newsletter and on our website before any work starts in your home. This will also advise you of any steps you need to take while the work is going on.

In certain circumstances, improvements may not take place if a tenant is in breach of their tenancy conditions.