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Repairs you pay for

Repairs you pay for

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Some repairs are your responsibility. If we are called out to fix these repairs, we may charge you.

This includes repairs where the fault is your own. Examples include losing your house keys and getting us to change the locks or getting us to reset an electrical system because your trip switch has been activated by a faulty appliance.

It also covers repairs caused through neglect or misuse of your property.

Tenants need to pay a minimum of 25 per cent of the cost up front for non-emergency repairs.


Paying for repairs after moving house

Before you leave your current home, we will carry out an inspection of the property. If we find damage to your home, you have made alterations without permission, or carried out work to an unsafe standard, we will point this out to you and give you a cost for us carrying out the repair. You will then be given an opportunity to carry out the required repairs before you leave.

After you leave your home we will carry out a further inspection. If we find the repairs have not been done or the work is of a poor standard, we will arrange to carry out the work ourselves. We will then charge you for the cost of the repairs.

This will not include repairs caused by fair wear and tear.

How do I pay for the work?

Once the work is complete we will send you an invoice. If you feel that you cannot pay the whole bill at once, you should contact us to arrange paying through instalments.

If you disagree with the bill you should write to us. We will investigate and respond within five working days. If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome, you should write to our Asset Manager.

If you don’t pay your bill we may need to pursue you for the money you owe us. This may mean we will take you to court. Debts for repair work could leave you with a poor tenancy reference which makes it more difficult for you to move to another home.