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Benefit sanctions

Benefit sanctionsth

In order to get your benefits, you need to agree to follow certain rules. These rules can be found in your Claimant Commitment or Jobseekers Agreement. They include proving that you are looking for work, turning up for meetings at your Jobcentre and taking part in an employment or training schemes.

If you fail to follow these rules, your benefits may be stopped or sanctioned. When your benefits are sanctioned the Jobcentre will contact Fife Council who may also stop your housing benefit and council tax reduction. This could make it difficult for you to pay your rent and lead to you losing your home.

If you have been sanctioned, it is essential that you contact your Housing Officer straight away. We can help with money advice and filling out forms to continue applying for housing benefit while you are sanctioned.

You can also find out more about sanctions and what to do about them on the Fife Money Advice website