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Discretionary housing payments

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These may be claimed if you receive housing benefit or council tax benefit.

A discretionary housing payment (DHP) is a short term payment awarded to people who need help to pay their rent, council tax or both. In order to qualify they must receive housing benefit or council tax rebate. Most awards are made for a period of six months.

A DHP award is paid in the same way as your housing benefit and council tax rebate. It can only be paid if you are receiving housing benefit.

Find our more about Discretionary Housing Payments by visiting the Fife Council Website

Will I be entitled?

To claim a discretionary housing payment you must be entitled to either housing benefit or council tax rebate. You must also show that you are unable to pay your rent or council tax.

You cannot get a payment toward your rent if you receive full housing benefit and you cannot receive a benefit towards your council tax if you receive a maximum council tax rebate.

From 1 April 2013 you can apply if your housing benefit has been reduced because you are considered under-occupied and you are living in a home which has been substantially adapted to meet the needs of your disability. This also applies of you are a foster carer between placements.

A DHP cannot be paid towards most service charges included with your rent or towards the water and sewerage charges included in your council tax bill.

Time limit

You can apply at any time. An award can be backdated for up to six months.

 Print the discretionary housing payment form, complete and return to

Fife Council,

Benefits and Council Tax Team

PO Box 18015


08451 551155

The application form will ask you to provide evidence of some of your expenses and ask you to explain why you cannot afford your rent and/or council tax.

Fife Council may write to you if further information is required. Once that information is received, a decision on your application will be made.