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Your tenancy

About your tenancyMilena p7

We all have the right to live peacefully in our home without unacceptable levels of annoyance and disruption from other members of our community. By signing your Tenancy Agreement, you have agreed that you, your family and other residents or visitors to your home respect your neighbours and community. You will find more details of this in section 3 of your Tenancy Agreement.

Your responsibility as a tenant

You will be expected to look after your neighbourhood by:

  • Helping to keep shared areas clean and tidy
  • Looking after your garden and keeping it tidy
  • Putting all your rubbish in your bin and arranging for bulky items to be properly disposed of
  • Respecting your neighbours’ privacy
  • Contacting us as soon as possible about any repairs that we need to carry out.

Our responsibility to you

We agree to:

  • Provide a full range of housing services to a high quality for all tenants
  • Let houses in line with our Allocations Policy
  • Keep the number of empty homes to a minimum and re-let all properties as quickly as possible
  • Keep all houses safe and in good order by making sure that repairs are carried out to an appropriate standard and within the response time in our Repairs Policy
  • Visit your neighbourhood regularly to make sure that shared areas are kept clean and tidy, gardens are maintained, grass is cut and vandalism is reported
  • Wherever possible,  involve tenants in decisions that affect their area or services
  • Support tenant, resident and neighbourhood groups and community events
  • Operate a straightforward Complaints Procedure
  • Provide clear advice and information about our policies, procedures, services and structure
  • Ensure that our colleagues and those acting on our behalf are always courteous, professional, sympathetic, fair and that they respect confidentiality.