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Anti social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour

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We have developed an Anti-social Behaviour Policy to make sure we can resolve any issues which prevent our tenants from living peacefully in their homes.

What is anti-social behaviour?

This includes any action which causes unacceptable levels of annoyance for your neighbours and breaches your tenancy agreement.

Examples are:

  • Loud and persistent noise
  • Nuisance caused by animals, including dog fouling
  • Nuisance caused by you using your home for commercial or business purposes
  • Nuisance caused by children
  • Swearing and general disorder.

Examples of more serious behaviour are:

  • Harassment or racial harassment
  • Violence including domestic violence
  • Drug dealing or use of the property for other criminal behaviour
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Neglect of children

Vandalism and nuisance

We take very seriously any vandalism and nuisance, which can ruin the look and quality of life of your community. Tenants should remember they are responsible for any vandalism or damage caused by anyone in their house.

We will:

  • Charge tenants for any damage caused by them or their visitors
  • support local groups or organisations working to prevent vandalism
  • take firm action against anyone known to be causing vandalism or persistent nuisance involving the police or other agencies if required.