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Being a good neighbour

Good Neighbour AgreementHume family - p1

In addition to your Tenancy Agreement, you will be asked to sign a Good Neighbour Agreement. This agreement sets out your responsibilities as a tenant and neighbour, our responsibilities as a landlord, how we can work together and the action we can take if problems arise.

Respecting the rights of your neighbours to enjoy their homes means:

  • Making sure anyone living with you or visiting your home does not cause a nuisance or disturbance
  • Avoiding causing loud noise or disturbance, particularly early in the morning or late at night
  • Thinking before parking in a space which may be required by older people or those with mobility problems
  • Keeping pets under control. In particular, do not let dogs roam on their own or foul property or common areas
  • Being responsible for the behaviour of visitors to your home
  • Making sure anyone living in or visiting your home does not cause vandalism or nuisance
  • Supporting neighbourhood groups and attending local meetings wherever possible.