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Noise nuisance

Noise nuisancenoise

Noise is inevitable, but also one of the biggest causes of neighbour disputes. With a bit of consideration, most noise nuisance can be avoided.

Noise most often causes problems in flats where vibrations travel through walls, floors and ceilings. Think of your neighbours and how you can reduce the impact of any noise. You can do this by:

  •  Closing doors and windows
  • Keeping the volume of radios, TVs and music systems as low as possible, particularly late at night
  • Setting the bass control on your music system at a low level as bass tends to cause the most noise. Avoid putting speakers against walls
  • Placing appliances away from adjoining walls, if possible
  • Putting washing machines and spin dryers on a solid floor, carpet or rubber mat to reduce vibration
  • Doing jobs which cause noise such as vacuuming or using the washing machine during the day.

For complaints about noise contact:

  • Fife Council’s Noise Nuisance Team 0345 600 5702
  • Your Housing Officer 01383 606162

Find out more about noise nuisance and services by visiting Fife Council’s website