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COVID-19 – Coronavirus Updates


The health and safety of our tenants, other customers, contractors and colleagues is paramount during the current COVID-19 pandemic and we are committed to following the guidance issued by the Scottish Government and Health Protection Scotland.

Our colleagues and contractors are fully aware of their responsibilities and are taking all possible precautions to safeguard themselves, tenants and others against the risk of infection.

We hope to maintain as many services as possible to tenants and other customers, however, the situation is evolving quickly and we continue to monitor it closely.

Please find our latest updates below:

Wednesday 15 April

  • Continental Landscapes have re-commenced all of the grounds maintenance detailed in their previously agreed schedule of work. Areas currently included in this contract will either have the required works completed during April, in line with the schedule, or will soon benefit from this work being undertaken. Full risk assessments and comprehensive health and safety checks were conducted prior to this work re-starting.

Thursday 26 March 

  • All stair cleaning and open-space maintenance work in our estates has been stopped until such time as Government restrictions regarding non-essential workers are revised.  Any charges for work which is not undertaken as a result of this will be refunded once these services return to normal.

Monday 23 March

  • Our office has been closed indefinitely to colleagues and the public alike. We are, however, endeavouring to maintain our services as far as possible and, having invested in technology which allows for home working, remain fully contactable on 08000 274 007 or via
  • We are restricting repairs to emergencies and gas/electrical safety checks only. Emergency repairs are those which would have a direct impact on your health or safety if not rectified. When attending to undertake these repairs, our operatives will wear appropriate personal protective equipment and ask you to wait in another room while they work, to help prevent any spread of the virus. If you are self-isolating or have been diagnosed with Coronavirus please make us aware of this asap.
  • Any non-emergency or routine repairs will be logged to be scheduled as soon as possible after we are advised that it is safe to do so. We appreciate your patience and are sure you will understand that it is not possible to give any timescale to when non-emergency repairs are expected to resume, at this time. You can find definitions of emergency, urgent and non-emergency repairs on our website.
  • All planned kitchen and bathroom programme works have been put hold until further notice.

We all understand this international crisis will likely get worse before it gets better and greatly appreciate your support and patience while we adjust to these new working arrangements. In the meantime, we urge you to stay safe and take particular care around vulnerable individuals.

We have also compiled a list of answers to some of the other questions that we’re being asked, which you can find here.