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Finding a home

How do I find a home?

tenant and dogIn Fife, there are more people needing housing than homes available. Together with our housing partners Fife Council, Glen Housing Association, Kingdom Housing Association, Dunedin Canmore Housing Association, Hillcrest Housing Association, Caledonia Housing Association, Ore Valley Housing Association and Ochilview Housing Association, everyone who applies for a home uses the Fife Housing Register.

The register means that you only have to fill in one application form giving your circumstances and preferences. All Fife Housing Register partners can then consider your application. This makes the best use of homes across Fife.

Anyone aged over 16 can be accepted on to the Register.

How is my application decided?

We will work out who is most in need of housing using a points system.

How long will I have to wait for a house?

Because there are always more applicants than available homes, we usually cannot allocate you a home straight away.  Your application will  go on the housing waiting list. When a property becomes available that matches your preferences and your application is top of the list then you will be contacted.