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Alterations and improvements

Alterations and improvements…


You have a right to carry out alterations or improvements to your home (for example, fitting an electric shower), but, you are required to obtain our permission in writing before you can carry out this sort of work. We will not usually refuse to give our permission unless the work is likely to make your home dangerous or you are planning to alter the walls or ceilings, or carry out major bespoke alterations. If we refuse to give you permission, you have the right to appeal through our complaints procedure. There are, however, some works which will not be approved:

  • You must not put ‘Artex’ or any other heavily-textured coating on walls, nor are you permitted to use any form of polystyrene ceiling tiles. It is very expensive to remove these forms of decor after you leave your home and we will charge you for doing so.
  • You must not paint the casing around gas fires. If you do you will be charged for damage to the fire and it may also be condemned and removed without replacement.
  • Laminate flooring must not be fitted in upper-floor flats due to the risk of noise nuisance to neighbouring properties. We will not be responsible for the cost of any damage to floor coverings that have been adhered to the floor should they need to be removed to allow access to carry out repairs or improvements.

Compensation for improvements…

If you undertake major home improvements which have been pre-approved, you may be able to get compensation for them when you move out.

  • In order to be eligible for compensation the improvement must:
  • Increase the value of the property
  • Meet the necessary standards for safety and workmanship
  • Not affect our ability to let the home to other tenants
  • Be on our list of approved improvements
  • Have received our written approval prior to work commencing