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When will my repair be carried out?

JoinerWhen will my repair be carried out?

The timescale for completing your repair will depend on whether it is classified as an emergency, urgent or routine repair:

  • Emergency – A repair categorised as ‘Emergency’ is any fault which threatens further harm to persons or property.

We aim to attend and make safe all emergency repairs within four hours.

  • Urgent – These are repairs which may cause inconvenience, but are not an immediate health and safety risk. Items deemed to be urgent include:
    • Domestic heating and hot water
    • Water-tightness of the property
    • Leaking or damaged sanitary ware
    • Faults with extractor fans

We aim to carry out urgent repairs within one week of them being reported.

  • Routine – This refers to repairs which are not causing major inconvenience and are not a risk to health and safety.

We aim to carry out routine repairs within 15 days of them being reported.

We will aim to complete your repair within these response times, or to a time agreed with you. If materials have to be ordered, a temporary repair will be carried out and a full repair will then be made once the materials are available.

Statutory right to repair…

A ‘Right to Repair’ scheme exists for tenants; under this scheme, you have the right to have certain small urgent repairs which have been reported to us, and up to a value of £350, carried out within a given timescale. We already aim to carry out your reported repair within the timescales required by the ‘Right to Repair’ scheme, however, if you would like more information on this you can find it here.

Where you fail to provide access to your property for the purpose of enabling the repair to be inspected or carried out, even though you had been given reasonable opportunity to do so, entitlement to compensation ceases.