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Repair responsibilities

Rechargeable repairs…

Before you ask us to attend to a repair please consider first whether you may be liable to be recharged. This could happen where the cause of the fault is your own. For example, if you lose your house keys and ask us to change the locks you will be recharged. Similarly, if the electrical system in your house has a trip switch which is activated by your own faulty appliance, you may be recharged if you ask us to come out and reset the switch for you.

Repair responsibilities…

We are responsible for many of the repairs to your home but there are some that you are required to carry out yourself. The following list details who is responsible for what:

Who is responsible?UsYou
Communal TV aerial
Individual TV aerial or satellite dish
Door-entry system
Electric fire fitted by us
Electric fire fitted by you
Immersion heater
Light bulbs/fluorescent tubes
Light fittings
Extractor fans
Smoke detectors (except battery where not mains-powered)
Smoke detector battery (where not mains-powered)
Sockets, switches and wiring
Common stair lighting
Carbon Monoxide detectors
Clothes poles installed by us
Internal decoration, including tiling
Boundary walls/fencing
Divisional fencing
Bin stores
External paintwork
Gates (excluding driveway gates)
Driveway/paths constructed by us
Driveway/paths not constructed by us
Infestation [e.g. wasps, mice etc.]
Toilet seats and shower curtains
Floor coverings
Contents insurance
Building insurance