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Fire prevention

Fire prevention

  • Keep matches away from children.
  • Never leave a chip pan unattended – should you have to┬áleave the kitchen, make sure the heat has been turned off.
  • Do not hang clothes over or around fires, heaters or cookers.
  • At night close all the doors in your home – if a fire should start, this simple action can give you additional time to get out of your home.
  • Plan your escape and make sure your family understand it.
  • Your home is fitted with a smoke detector – you should ensure that it is operational by testing it regularly. If you have a problem with a smoke detector, please contact us and we will make arrangements for it to be checked.

In the event of a fire…

  • Get everyone out of your home.
  • Call the Fire Brigade on 999.
  • Close all doors and windows (if it’s possible to do so safely).
  • If your chip pan catches fire, switch off the cooker and try to smother the flames with a damp towel or large lid.