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How we will consult with you…

You have the right to be kept fully informed on housing matters affecting you, as well as the right to consultation and to participate fully in the decisions that affect you. We aim to keep you informed about our activities and to give you the opportunity to comment on our key objectives and operations.

Each year our Annual Report is published which includes the Landlord Report from what is known as the Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) and provides you with details of how we’ve performed in areas such as: collecting rent, re-letting empty properties and carrying out repairs for example.

We also produce leaflets and newsletters together with a range of information and events on our social media sites.

You will be consulted if we:

  • Plan to make any changes to the way we manage your home or deliver services to you
  • Plan to increase your rent and/or service charge
  • Plan to transfer the ownership of your home to another landlord
  • Plan to extend the performance targets we set, for example, how quickly we carry out repairs
  • Plan to change how we consult you or what we consult you about
  • Plan to demolish your home as part of a renewal strategy.

When we consult you, we will aim to give you sufficient information and enough time to comment on our plans.