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Being a good neighbour

Hume FamilyBy signing your Tenancy Agreement you have agreed to ensure that you, members of your family and any other residents or visitors to your property do not cause a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours or other residents of your community.

Your neighbours and disputes

Disputes with neighbours can often be caused by misunderstandings and may be sorted out by just talking to each other and reaching a compromise; this should be the first step as often the neighbour hasn’t realised there was a problem.

If the problem continues, contact your Housing Officer and explain how you have tried to resolve matters. They will discuss with you how best to manage the issue and may ask you to complete log sheets with the date, time, duration and nature of the problem. Log sheets can, if necessary, be used as evidence in Court, so you should accurately make a note of all incidents and any other relevant information.


If you have experienced violent behaviour or harassment from your neighbour or feel threatened by them, you should not attempt to resolve the matter yourself. In these cases, you should contact us and we will investigate the complaint and aim to resolve the situation on your behalf.

It is a criminal offence to deliberately harass someone. It is also a breach of our Tenancy Agreement.
If you ever feel in danger you should call Police Scotland on 999.


Noise can cause problems, depending on how loud it lasts, how often it occurs, when it happens and whether it is high or low pitched. Much of the noise we make which affects others can be avoided.
Please be considerate to your neighbours and think about whether the noise you are making could cause a nuisance and how you can reduce the impact. Simple measures such as closing doors and windows can reduce noise levels significantly.

Fife Council’s Environmental Health (Public Protection Team) also provide advice on noise nuisance – they can be contacted on 03451 55 55 50.


Pets can be a cause of disagreements between neighbours. For instance, disputes can arise because of dogs barking within the home or dogs and cats fouling in communal areas. Because of this tenants are required to obtain permission from us before bringing pets into their homes. This permission can be withdrawn if problems occur. It is also a condition of your Tenancy Agreement that no dogs are allowed in flats above ground level.