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The importance of having contents insurance

Contents Insurance LightbulbDo you know how you would you replace your TV, computer, sofa, and carpets if the worst happened?

Many tenants underestimate the importance of having contents insurance, assuming that it is either expensive or unnecessary; however, this can be a dangerous assumption to make.

As your landlord we have a responsibility to ensure that there is adequate insurance in place to cover the building itself however this insurance DOES NOT cover any of your personal possessions OR any damage done to the property for which you may be held accountable.

This means that if you do not have contents insurance for your personal property you run the risk of having to find all the money necessary to repair or replace items that have either been stolen or damaged by something like a fire or flood.

As a tenant you may also be responsible for damage you have caused to the fixtures and fittings in your home such as cracking a toilet bowl, wash hand basin or bath.

We understand that money might be tight but contents insurance may cost less than you think and could protect you from the huge expense of replacing your belongings.

For further guidance on this matter please contact your Housing Officer directly or call the office on 01383 606162.